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本文摘要:I've decided to live in the present and not spend my life regretting the past or dreading the future. 我决议活在当下 不浪费生命为已往忏悔或未来担忧。


I've decided to live in the present and not spend my life regretting the past or dreading the future. 我决议活在当下 不浪费生命为已往忏悔或未来担忧。1. live in the present活在现在、活在当下You've got to forget the past and start living in the present.你必须忘掉已往,开始现在的生活。I'm sorry he's out at present (= now) .很歉仄他这会儿不在。

present [ˈpreznt , prɪˈzent]n.礼物;礼物;现在;现在v.把…交给;发表;授予;提出;提交;(以某种方式)展现,显示,体现adj.现存的;当前的;泛起;在场;出席;存在birthday/Christmas/wedding, etc. presents 生日、圣诞节、完婚等礼物The carpet was a wedding present from the Prime Minister 这张地毯是首相送的完婚礼物。I bought a birthday present for my mother 我给母亲买了一份生日礼物。At present children under 14 are not permitted in bars. 现在,14岁以下儿童不允许进酒吧。

动词用法:present sb with sth | present sth (to sb)把…交给;发表;授予On his retirement, colleagues presented him with a set of golf clubs.在他退休之际,同事们赠给他一套高尔夫球杆。The sword was presented by the family to the museum.这家人把宝剑捐赠给了博物馆。present sth (for sth) | present sth (to sb)提出;提交The committee will present its final report to Parliament in June.委员会将于六月向议会提交最后的陈诉。

Eight options were presented for consideration.已提出八项备选方案供审议。Are you presenting a paper at the conference?你要在大会上宣读论文吗?present sth | present sth/sb/yourself as sth(以某种方式)展现,显示,体现The company has decided it must present a more modern image.公司已决议,必须展现出越发现代的形象。It is essential that we present a united front (= show that we all agree) .至关重要的是我们要体现得团结一致。

You need to present yourself better.你需要更善于展示自己。He likes to present himself as a radical politician.他喜欢体现出一副激进政治家的样子。The article presents these proposals as misguided.文章把这些提案评为误导的产物。

present sb (to sb)May I present my fiancé to you?请允许我向您先容我的未婚夫。Fox stepped forward, welcomed him in Malay, and presented him to Jack 福克斯走向前,用马来语向他表现接待,并把他先容给了杰克。形容词用法:The president was not present at the meeting 总裁没有出席这次集会。The whole family was present. 全家人都加入了。

2. spend [spend]v.用,花(钱);花(时间);渡过;花费,消耗,用尽(精神等)n.(为某目的或某段时间内的)花销,花费,开销spend +时间(款项)+(in)doing花费时间做某事Apart from school work, he spends his spare time (in) singing and angling.除了做学校作业之外,业余时间他喜爱唱歌和钓鱼。I spend too much time watching television.我看电视花的时间太多。I spend a lot of my spare time watching videos. 我把大量业余时间花在看录像上。

The company has spent thousands of pounds updating their computer systems.公司花了几千英镑更新盘算机系统。Engineers spend much time and energy developing brilliant solutions 工程师们花费许多时间和精神来开发完美的解决方案。Businessmen spend enormous amounts advertising their products 商人们花费巨额资金为自己的商品做广告。

They spent three month touring Europe.  他们花了三个月时间周游欧洲。spend+时间(款项)+on sth/on doing sthHow long did you spend on your homework?你做家庭作业用了多长时间?How do you spend your spare time?你在业余时间干什么?I spend a lot on expensive jewelry and clothing 我花许多钱购置昂贵的首饰和衣服。She spends too much effort on things that don't matter.她在一些无关紧要的事情上花费精神太多。

Why can't you spend a few bucks on a coat? 你为什么不能花点儿钱买件外套呢?spend+时间+with+人,划时间和某人一起共度时光I have just met the man I want to spend the rest of my life with 我刚刚遇到了我想与之共度余生的男子。She has yet to spend a Christmas with her husband 她还从没和她的丈夫一起过过圣诞节。One of the worst hardships is having so little time to spend with one's family. 最大的痛苦之一是险些没有时间和家人在一起。


My cousin will spend the weekend with us.  我表兄要和我一起度周末。3.dread [dred]v.很是畏惧;极为担忧n.恐惧;令人恐惧的事物I've got to go home, but Lord knows I dread it. 我必须得回家了,不外是小我私家都知道我很怕回去。I dread being sick.我特别畏惧生病。

She dreads her husband finding out.她生怕丈夫察觉出来。I'm dreading Christmas this year 今年我很是畏惧过圣诞节。I dreaded coming back, to be honest 说实话,我生怕回来。

I'd been dreading that the birth would take a long time. 我一直十分管心临盆会花很长时间。I dread to think what our telephone bill is going to be 我不敢想象我们的电话费会有几多。

I dread to think what would happen if there really was a fire here.我不敢想象如果这儿真的发生火灾会是什么情景。



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